A path through the historic stone cellars of Studena Dolina

Ján Adami

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A path through the historic stone cellars of Studena Dolina

The historic stone cellars of Studena Dolina in Levice are silent witnesses of ancient times. These underground wonders from the Middle Ages were once an integral part of the defunct settlement of Staré Levice. Today I want to invite you to take a journey through time and explore the rich history and significance of these ancient cellars.

The Middle Ages and the Turkish Wars

In 1556, according to contemporary documents, rare manor wine was stored in one of these cellars. This period also marked the tumultuous era of Turkish wars in Slovakia and directly in Levice. These underground spaces served a dual purpose – not only as wine storage, but also as a storehouse for basic food supplies in uncertain times.

Local life

Imagine the times when hard-working farmers and devoted vintners sought rest in the manor's pub. This historic site has witnessed countless skirmishes and community stories. Wineries also worked here, when the private premises of local winegrowers were transformed for a fortnight into a center where they could sell wines from their own production. Viechy was not open during the whole year. There were certain restrictions on who could or could not offer wine and when.

A vanishing legacy

Of the original 34 cellars carved into the tuff volcanic bedrock, only a fraction remained in active service. These survivors continue to act as bearers and guardians of the cultural legacy and connect the present with the past. Our wine cellar is one of the proud heirs of this legacy.

Tuff composition and thermoregulatory miracles

The unique composition of tuff, a volcanic rock, gives these cellars exceptional thermoregulatory properties. Regardless of the outside temperature, be it during frosty days when the temperature drops far below zero, or hot summer days, the interior maintains a constant temperature of 10 °C. This inherent property has proven invaluable in the storage and preservation of wines. When we enter our cellar, we do not just enter a wine storage area, but immerse ourselves in the living history of Studena Dolina. Echoes of the Middle Ages, the tenacity of the local community and the craftsmanship of the winegrowers resonate in these stone walls.

Invitation to a private tasting

Imagine a tasting between these walls, where the air is filled with stories from past centuries and the essence of our region's wine legacy. If you are interested in a tasting - contact me on tel. no.: 0902762718 or e-mail: adamiwinery@gmail.com